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Updated: May 12

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February 11, 2024

Will discuss the different therapies and treatments for my mental and physical health diagnoses. 

I have done many different therapies over the decades, but nothing has compared to what I am doing now.  I see a Psychotherapist who does Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy which is amazing.  I have a Physiotherapist that treats a number of my different illnesses but specializes in Craniosacral Therapy.  Plus, I now see another Physiotherapist who specializes in Pelvic Floor Therapy.  I see a Dietitian, an Endocrinologist, plus I frequent a natural health food store who help me with my supplements.  I am also a trained Personal Fitness Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Fine Artist all of which I use regularly as therapy to help with my healing.

I have seen a bunch of therapists over the decades, but it was mostly just talk therapy and for the most part it was short lived as they weren't covered for long.  We'd get through some of the trauma, just enough to stir it up, and then we'd have to end our sessions.   Now, my therapist is a Medical Doctor, so our sessions are covered by OHIP and are unlimited.  Also, IFS Therapy is extremely incredible and makes so much sense to me and I look forward to discussing it further.  My therapist also being a doctor has helped me with my low serotonin which makes my depression more difficult to deal with, so we have me on an antidepressant which I had been on before and it really does help me a lot.  I really like how we both get to make this decision and that I wasn't told I had to take it, it was just offered to me stating it might help so I really appreciate this level of control in my healing, and for her respect for my decisions.  

I had been on a number of pharmaceuticals over the years and took them because I was told they would help.  At first, I didn't do much if any research on them, mostly because I had trusted my doctors but also because we didn't have internet search engines back then, but once we finally did, I would look up every prescription I was given and had torn up a number of them knowing they weren't for me.  I will discuss these medications, the ones I took and the ones I chose against, the positive and negative effects on me, and why I wasn't too keen on starting them again.

My regular Physiotherapist specializes in Craniosacral Therapy and is helping me with the Trigeminal Neuralgia but also helps with my other pains from Fibromyalgia and arthritis plus stomach issues, and I have really noticed a difference.  I have also began seeing another Physiotherapist who specializes in Pelvic Floor, and I am excited to see the changes that will come from these treatments as well.

The hypoglycemia has calmed down since seeing my dietitian who has helped me balance out my diet, plus also adding certain supplements has helped with the hypoglycemia as well as stomach issues.

I do take a number of supplements that I will discuss as I've had to go through a bunch of them to get to the place where I am now which is quite costly to do, but what I am on now are worth every penny and I notice a huge difference in my body.

I am lucky and grateful to have my training in fitness and art to help me along my journey so that I can keep my pain to a dull roar and my mood high(er).  Daily exercise for me has made a real difference in my life and keeps me going despite being in chronic pain, plus it has helped considerably with my mental health as well. 

In the past I've done chiropractic therapy and acupuncture.  They were both helpful but too expensive to keep up with, and in all fairness, I really do not like needles so acupuncture was more of a torture to me then therapy, I am far to physically sensitive and can feel everything, plus just the sight of needles makes my skin crawl, and any relaxation would be lost in anxiety. 

I have also seen a Naturopath whom I do plan on going back to as it was helpful, but I am just not in the right space for that currently as I have many different therapies happening at this time.

I also have plans on going for massage therapy, salt therapy, foot reflexology, plus I also want to go for Reiki to realign my chakras.  I do have my level 1 Reiki, but I feel I need someone a little stronger to really help me get back on track. These therapies will happen in time, firstly, I didn't want to do everything all at once as I wouldn't know what was helping what, and secondly, I cannot afford to do it all at the same time either and that is why I began with what I could afford and will work from here.




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