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Just Scrambled Eggs

My healing journey; past, present and future...

Hi, my name is Connie

I am almost 49 and am finally really dealing with the traumas of my past where I had been abused/assaulted for basically the first 40 years of my life. I have had a very busy existence but have never really lived, and now at this time in my life I want to do everything I can to heal and make the best of whatever I have left. I live with daily debilitating chronic mental and physical health issues due to the traumas I endured and because of this it’s hard to have a job outside of my home. I currently reside as a live on farm hand in a beautiful old stone house with complete access to the 221 acres including all the outbuildings and barn. There has never been a better time than now to start truly healing as I am finally in a safe space where I can just be myself with a pretty great support team and can do what I need to do to get better.

My Healing Journey

I feel that this website could be a great outlet for me as I go through intense therapy to deal with my past traumas, this way I can share it with others and maybe I won’t feel so alone and hopefully less depressed. And in turn, maybe my healing journey might help someone else who has or is experiencing the traumas that I had and maybe this will help them escape, get help, find peace, or even just feel a little bit less alone and depressed as well. My heart goes out to you!!!


Thank you for joining me on my journey to heal!!! All the best!!!

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I have had many different jobs, volunteer/voluntold since the age of 4 and paid since the age of 11. My favourite voluntold work was for the Odawa Native Friendship Center helping with catering at their many social gatherings and Powwows, and favourite volunteering was for Rogers TV as their remote/on location Production Crew. My paid work resume is long and all over the place, but the best jobs I had was as a Security Guard at Lansdowne Park from the age of 15 until I was 25 and as a Fashion Model from the age of 19 until I was 29.

I have 2 college diplomas, one as a Paralegal, and the other as a Fine Artist. I am also a Personal Fitness Trainer, Actively Aging Coach, Stress Resiliency Coach, Nutrition Coach, Yoga Instructor. I am also a Photographer, Videographer, Photojournalist, Drummer/Singer, Woodworker, Cajon Drum Builder, Paverpol Instructor. As a farmhand we do hay, firewood and maple syrup. I no longer work with livestock, but I am a cat mom to many barn cats I rescued when I escaped my last abuser and brought them all with me to this farm.

My Healing Journey
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