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Total Solar Eclipse

Updated: May 15

April 8, 2024

Near Prescott, Ontario. What a great place to live! Could not have asked for a better view! My twin sister came over too so she could have a better experience as well. She lives in Ottawa and would not have had as total of an eclipse as we had here.

For the Total Solar Eclipse, we wore our cool dude shades and took a few pictures but mostly just enjoyed the event as it quickly unfolded! Once it started to get dark though, the mosquitoes decided to come out and enjoy the feast, so we lit sage bundles and began to have our own little smoke signals during the certainly made for an interesting and pleasant experience! I was really happy to have my twin with me too, it was nice to spend such a neat event with her!

I felt immense excitement as this all unfolded...I could feel the energy and changes throughout the event, it was almost surreal. It had an incredible long-lasting effect on my psyche that left me feeling light and energized. My pets had a buzz about them as they ran around acting all funny and wired. Even the birds all came back out chirping like it was morning again, all full of excitement charging around the property looking for snacks.

There were cars lined up all along the front of my home. The people in the photos below had an amazing, unobscured view from the field at the barn, but those parked in front of the house had many trees in their way, so I invited them to the back of the house with us. They were super appreciative and got to enjoy quite the spectacle. They were a couple of families with young kids, so I was quite happy to share my space with them for this once in a lifetime event. They truly enjoyed it.

The road had been tremendously busy from around 1pm until the show truly began and then once it was over the road was back to super busy again until about 7pm. The freeway apparently was bumper to bumper so many people took to the back roads but seemed to have all been given the same route as many of these roads were packed yet other side roads were easy moving. I do hope everyone had the opportunity to find a decent view somewhere! I am grateful I could share my space with others!!!


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