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Sharing the Beauty of this Farm

Updated: May 16

March 27th, 2024

Just sharing the beauty of this farm. I didn't have much to say today because of my pain but I still went out and took photos of this beautiful farm to share with you and to remind myself of the wonderful day it was despite the severe pain I was in. I love this farm so very much!!!



March 28th, 2024

I had a much better day today and it was such a gorgeous day as well!! Funny how the two go hand in hand!! I always feel pretty fantastic on sunny days... no matter the temperature as long as it isn't humid I am almost feeling good. I still have pain, I always have pain, but it's low 3's so I can handle that no problem. It makes up for the crummy days like yesterday...I even feel the bad days make the good days that much more amazing, so I always end up feeling that much more incredible!!!



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