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Last Minute Trip

Updated: May 15

April 19, 2024

We went on a last-minute trip to a maple syrup producer in Greenwich, NY yesterday. We had to go pick up vacuum pump parts for my boyfriend's families sugar bush and this was the only place he could find that had what he needed.

I took a bunch of pictures, but we moved too quickly through the mountains to get all the shots that I tried to take. It was a wonderful time with beautiful views and adorable, small tourist towns with gorgeous old homes. It was cloudy the entire trip and a few times it lightly rained but it wasn't bad, and I actually enjoyed it as there was more depth in the photos without the sun washing it out.

We easily crossed at the Ogdensburg Prescott International Bridge and stayed on the back roads for most of the drive. What a beautiful scenic trip it was through the Adirondack Mountains. It was roughly 340km and took us about 4.5hrs one way. The roads were basically empty, and we just enjoyed the winding and twisting, rising and falling of the terrain. There weren't many critters out, but we did see a bunch of wild turkeys, the males showcasing their fancy selves to the was entertaining. But the views...just photos don't do them justice. I'd love to see this trip in the fall at full colour! I'm sure it would be spectacular...but of course, then it would be super busy, and the roads wouldn't be all ours.

It was a lovely day spent with my most favourite person in the grateful we got to share this experience together!!! We both had a great time!!!



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