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Hello 49!!!

Updated: May 16

March 16, 2024 - My Birthday!!!

Hello 49!!! What a gorgeous day for a Birthday!! Spent it with my Twin Sister of course, my wonderful Man, and his son. We went to Mandarin Restaurant all you can eat Chinese Buffet!!! It was delicious!!! I didn't get pictures though...too busy eating!!! Yum!!! But I do have photos of the rest of the day!!! And a few from last year!!!

I am getting older, and am still in a ton of pain, but I really am feeling better, with a much better attitude and outlook on life!!! I am so happy to see a new year starting for me!!!



Just look at the sky we had today...incredible!


March 16, 2023

I was in a very bad head space at this time!! You can't tell by my smile, but I was extremely low!!! I am so very glad I was able to get out of the darkness and get to see a new year!!! What a difference one year can make!!! I am so grateful!!!

Look at the snow we had last year...what a change in weather!



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