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Updated: May 12

Bright beautiful sun in a clear blue sky over a large hayfield covered in snow.


February 9, 2024

Will discuss the levels of healing, setbacks, changes, and what has and has not helped.

I have daily chronic pain and headaches but since starting my therapies the pain level has calmed down some.  I also have severe anxiety and depression, both of which have started to settle as well.  I have to say a lot of this has to do with the Psychotherapy, but the Physiotherapy has helped a great deal as well.  Plus, what I do take for medication, and the supplements I also take, have made a big difference also.  Keeping active and doing things I enjoy that are comforting has made a big difference in my life and has helped me slow down my racing mind and has helped to unburden my heart quite a lot.

I absolutely enjoy spending a good amount of time outside, either working or just wandering around the farm, just being outdoors listening to the birds and other critters is relaxing and comforting.  Once it warms up, listening to frogs and crickets is tremendously calming.  Just being able to breath in that beautiful fresh air is beyond amazing and I am so grateful I have this farm to heal on. 

I am lucky to have a space to share with my barn cats that I rescued from my last place as they are great company, they are funny making me laugh often, and for the most part they are pretty good listeners too.  They are a lot of work though, and I do sometimes get quite exhausted from it being in pain every day, but I am still quite grateful I could help them as they really do help me as well, I feel less lonely with them around.

I really like working out, I am one of the lucky people who actually loves being active, so getting on my elliptical is absolute joy for me, which I do every morning before breakfast.  Then just going for hikes during the day, yoga in the late afternoon or even getting back on my elliptical.  Plus, I really like cutting firewood and doing hay, it's painful but the exhaustion afterwords feels incredible and actually fulfilling as so much has been accomplished.

I absolutely love music, always have, and I like to spend a lot of time sitting on one of my Cajon drums that I built and listen to the radio, playing whatever song that comes on that I enjoy and sing my heart out.  I am not great at either playing or singing but they are two of my most favourite things in the world, so I just keep doing it.  I find it so uplifting and at the same time relaxing as it helps me spend some of my pent-up energy in a fun and playful way. 

I enjoy doing art, but it takes a lot of space, so I don't do it very often.  I do fulfill my artsy side though by spending time with my camera as it lets me be creative while also keeping reminders of the day I had, and I absolutely love this farm, so I take photos quite often.  I also write, a lot, I have a number of different stories on the go, but I also journal continuously, hence why I really wanted to start blogging so I could feel like I am speaking to others at the same time instead of just writing to myself, I think this will help with my healing, knowing I am not alone all the time with my thoughts. 

Then later in the evening I like to watch Rom-com movies as I love 'Love' and they just make me happy; I don't have to feel anything negative from it and it doesn't burden my already busy mind.  I try to avoid heavy, triggering or upsetting content, especially the news as it weighs heavily on me and it's not beneficial to my healing.

I have had a number of setbacks and breakthroughs during my years of trying to heal and I will discuss them as these stories may be of help to others.  Again, these are just things I have tried that did or did not work for me, and that being said they may or may not work for you.  So again, if you read something that I share and are interested in it, bring it to your healing circle and get their input, you and they know you're body the best and will be there to help you with your journey.   And remember, you are your biggest advocate!!!  If you want something you have to push and push until you get it.  My Grandparents would often say “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” and they were so right!!!




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