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Grateful and Lucky

Updated: May 16

Pictures: Left - today Right - last year at this time ... what a difference in weather! (always beautiful no matter what :) ! )


March 13, 2024

I have a few days left of my 48th year...I am not complaining though, I am so grateful and lucky to have made it to this age...however it seems so weird to be almost 50 years old (I look in the mirror and say, "What happened? Where'd the time go?"), but 49 is literally just right around the corner...this Saturday will be my birthday!! A wonderful little Pisces born in the Year of the Rabbit (which was last year's Chinese New Year) ...both of these signs suit me very well, a Fish and a Rabbit; skittish, nutty, cute, funny. I really do love being me!!! I find myself very entertaining!!! ;)



I am also very loving and pretty lucky, considering! I, somehow, have been very lucky to be in a wonderful relationship for over nine years with the absolutely most amazing Man I have ever met!!! He is kind, understanding, loving and loyal! He is just so thoughtful and sweet!! I don't know how this finally happened for me, after all these years of being surrounded by complete narcissistic monsters, but my luck, in the end, came through for me...big time! I couldn't ask for a better Man in my life! He is incredible and I am so madly in love with him even after all this time!

I get to live on this big awesome farm, in this beautiful old farmhouse that is seriously a castle for a wonderful, devoted Princess! I love every minute of being much so that I hardly ever leave my home...why would I, this place is heaven...I am so grateful to be here. I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want. The house is huge, beautiful and bright. I get to play on over 200 acres of land including all the buildings. And to top it all off, I am so very safe here! I've never been safe anywhere, but because of my loving, caring, wonderful Man, I have no worries about any of the scary crap I dealt with before I met him. I truly am so very grateful to be in a relationship with someone so kind!!!

I am also so very grateful to still be alive and get to see how wonderful my life is now!!! I am so glad I volunteered at the Haunted Hayrides, that I got to meet this amazing Man there, who then turned around and helped me more than anyone else ever had, and then later, lucky for me, became my boyfriend. If not for him, and his kindness, I am more than certain I wouldn't have seen another winter, and now that I am in this state of almost bliss (asides from the daily pain), that really would have totally sucked if I hadn't met him, because now my life is absolutely amazing!!!

He likes to be pretty low key, and he really doesn't care for this sort of praise at all, but what he did literally means the world to me, he gave me a wonderful life worth living, and I can't thank him enough! He saved my life, and I am so grateful for him!!! I am so grateful to still be alive, and to actually be able to live my life!!! It's such an amazing feeling!!! The last nine years really have made up for all the horrific crap I went through for the first forty years.

Thank you, Universe, for making me so strong and resilient! Thank you for letting me meet my Man!!! Thank you for allowing me to live on this amazing farm!!! Thank you for giving me such a beautiful life!!!

I love my Man!!! I love this home!!! I love my life!!! I am so grateful!!!




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