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I Just Don't Feel Good

Updated: May 13

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I Just Don't Feel Good


February 28, 2024

I just don't feel good! On days like this I feel nauseous, tired, lightheaded, weak, a weird, drained feeling. It's like my blood sugar is low. Or I am missing something important in my diet. I have a weird pain/discomfort in the left side of my chest and back, especially behind the left shoulder blade and periodically down my left arm. My throat, esophagus, and stomach feel full, and it's tight and painful through the ribs.

But the best way to describe it is ... I just don't feel good!

Then I am asked what is wrong, and asides from the above-mentioned symptoms, I can't describe it any more than that. There's no reason for feeling this way that I can find. I don't have a fever. I've eaten enough food today, mostly healthy, and all food groups. I have taken all my supplements and other pills. I've exercised. I've been outdoors. Meditated. Spent time with others. I don't understand it and I can't explain it enough to make sense to anyone. It happens in the evening usually about this time...right now it's 7:56pm... after eating, no matter what I've had to eat, this unexplained grossness happens. I don't know how much more I'll write tonight, but I really hate this feeling and wanted to share it as it happens often enough to be upsetting and also tiresome. I am sure many have some disgusting thing like this happening to them, I just wanted to share because it's actually quite lonely feeling this crappy and not being able to express it properly to others. I just feel miserable.

I began the day late, as I just stayed in bed because I woke with pain from the Trigeminal Neuralgia as it was supposed to rain all day. I usually have head pain when the weather changes like this...humidity is a huge culprit as is the changing barometric head just likes to hurt though. But I still went about my day as usual despite the pain, and I was ok other than that. But then tonight I started to not 'feel good' again and I really don't know why this happens. It's so tiresome. I can't sit here any longer though, the pain in my back is just starting to catch fire. I had a chewable tablet for my stomach just now and am going to try some yoga...maybe that might help!



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