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AGAIN...My Head Hurts...

Updated: May 15

Picture of me after my call to my Dr, just before I went to do my chores...uuggg I hurt so bad...other picture of the beautiful day we had today...just to have a pretty picture to look at!!! I find it super cold out today though...maybe that's because I am in so much pain...


March 21, 2024

Again...My Head Hurts ... I woke up again this morning with another headache. Yesterday I was pretty great, tired, usual other pains crawling around my body from the Trigeminal Neuralgia, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, but my head wasn't too bad, and I had a pretty great day despite the other pains. But today I woke up again with that 'head full' pain and I was so tired by it that I actually finally called my family Dr to make an appointment for it...well, actually, in all honesty, I called about the notice I received for a Pap Test, but I figured if I'm calling for that I might as well talk about the headaches (and my ears going deaf at night while I sleep...this started after I had Covid back in the beginning of December...I do actually enjoy it as I don't hear any noises at night so I sleep a little better, but I was a bit concerned it might cause other issues with my hearing if it weren't dealt with, and although I have some hearing loss already from whatever reasons in my past, I still enjoy being able to hear during the day...I especially love hearing songbirds, crickets and frogs).

I called my Drs office at 2:10pm, and lucky for me, the receptionist was able to pick up right away, Doctors offices are so busy now adays, so I thought how great it was that I only had to call once today. I told her that I received a notice for my Pap, and she booked me in for that, but I also mentioned my headaches and hearing issues so she said she would let my doctor know about that as I won't be in to see him until mid-May, and she seemed concerned which I thought was very nice...she's a lovely receptionist.

I went out to get my chores done shortly after getting off the phone with my Drs office and didn't get back in until around 4:10pm. I had a message on my cell and called voicemail to retrieve was sort of unnerving...

It was the Civic Hospital Neurology Department and they had called me at 2:58pm... not an hour after I called my Dr's office...she asked me to call back and left her number but no reason for the call. I took her information down and returned her call at 4:20pm but they were already closed for the day until 8am tomorrow. So now I'm wondering what is going on. Is this a call of an urgent referral for a rushed appointment or is this just coincidental and it just happened that I've been on a wait list, and this was just the day that they called...weirder things have happened. But now I am curious and want to know...I'm so impatient...especially when it comes to my health. At least it wasn't a Friday and I have to wait the entire weekend but still....aaahhhh....I'll update tomorrow!


March 22, 2024

I woke through the night like I always do and woke up an hour before my alarm was set to go off so I could call the hospital back. Other than my usual daily dull aches and pains I'm feeling not too badly...a bit tired but I'm always tired...filling up on matcha green tea as I write this!!! This is the high octane stuff, I have to catch up on my chores that I can't do when my head is killing me like it was yesterday...I am so grateful this level of pain isn't daily any more or I would never get anything done, as it is, I am so far behind, a lot of my Christmas decorations will still be up for next, I'll get them put away ... maybe by summer :P :) !

So, I called the Neurology Department at the Civic Hospital back again this morning and spoke with the lady who called me yesterday right away. I am so happy when I'm not on hold or have to make a number of calls, or worse, leave a message and then stay by the phone for the rest of the day. The first two, I can't handle the pain phones trigger with my head and the third, I don't carry my phone around with me as I find it cumbersome and a pain to deal chores are dirty and damaging, I'd ruin my phone instantly.

She said she was calling about a referral they received for me back in 2021, but I still can't see yesterday's call as being family Dr must have called them yesterday after I called his office, and this must have put me higher up on the wait list because she made me an appointment to come to their clinic in eleven days from now. Having an appointment that quickly from the time they call seems like this is an urgent appointment, so I still find this a bit unnerving. I am grateful for the appointment though and the seemingly promptness of this appointment, at least I am being heard and taken seriously so that makes me feel good about myself. Especially for someone with mental health issues, we are usually dismissed, so it's nice that my family Dr sees me and sees my issues as warranted and deserving of attention. I am very lucky to have a caring Dr, especially in a day and age when lots of people don't even have a family doctor. And in less than two weeks after calling his office, I get to be seen in the Neurology Department at the Civic Hospital!!! Universe willing, I get some sort of positive diagnoses and treatment that helps at least alleviate some of my pain!!! I'd be so grateful for less headaches anyway...I'm not asking for miracles, just a bit of a reprieve please!!!


March 28, 2024

I got a call today from the hospital to confirm my appointment, however the message was quite unnerving ... again ... it's an appointment for Parkinsons ... ?! ... well shit, that's a strange message to receive after all this.

I have some of the symptoms I guess, but, in all fairness, I've had them forever. Tremors, headaches, bizarre blurry vision, dizziness, pain throughout my body, excessive sweating, blah blah blah... but I wouldn't think it was Parkinsons. One of my senior family members I took care of, my maternal Grandmothers older sister, had Parkinsons, she was diagnosed in her 80's and passed away at 104. I cared for her during six of those years and I can't see me being like least I don't want to see me like that. Shit, I'm only 49...and I already have more than my fair share of illnesses.

I'm slightly upset, and although my Psychotherapist told me not to catastrophize, it's super difficult not to when I'm in so much pain and have been this way for such a long time. I'd love to know what is wrong with me, I'd love to have someone say "This is what you have and we can treat it with this and all your problems will minimize...or even go away..." OMG imagine feeling not too bad for a while...I mean obviously that won't last because I am already middle aged and now have to deal with getting older too, so yay more stuff to deal with, but boy it would be so great to have a break even for just a short time...49 years of not feeling well...I'd so love to have 10 years, man 5 even, just to say I had some easier time...a bit of a break. I have pain in my body all day every day. I've had a headache every day since at least 2004 when the Trigeminal Neuralgia was diagnosed. I've never had a good night's sleep. I am always so tired! I push myself because I have no choice! And because this is the only life I get to have; I don't want to spend it bedridden. Universe willing it's an ok diagnosis and maybe we can do something to get some relief!



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