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Neurology Consultation

Updated: May 15

Photos from the evening of April 1, 2024...what a gorgeous day it was too!!


April 2, 2024

My Sweetheart accompanied me to my Neurology Consultation today...he is such a wonderful man, so comforting and thoughtful! I am so grateful to have him by my side!!!

We met with the Neurologist and went through a bunch of tests and past examinations to come up with Migraines! YAY! So, no, nowhere near as bad as the idea of Parkinsons ... phew ... but, nooooo ... not another pain. So now, not only do I suffer daily with Trigeminal Neuralgia, Cluster Headaches, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis...I now have a diagnosis of Migraines as well. Boy this is fun! I'm so tired ...

What I'd like to know is why? Why so many illnesses in one body? Is it all just psychosomatic from all the trauma I had endured and the length of time I had spent living/surviving through them...and not receiving the help I need to heal from them? Or is there something else? An underlying cause that just hasn't been found. I've said this for a long time, and since I am watching the series now on Netflix, it's brought it back up to the surface ...

... I'd like to see someone like Dr. House!!!...

I'd like to know for certain that there isn't something causing all this that can be just fixed... "Oh hey, there's this little lump pushing on this important thing that's causing you all these problems...we'll just give you this little pill and it will eradicate the lump and you will be healthy forever!!!!" Ohhhh...but to dream eh!

I know I shouldn't be complaining though...nothing I have will kill me (any time soon), so I really am quite lucky...but I'm just so tired! I wish I could just feel a bit better. The doctor did give me a prescription for Topamax, and I've been researching it. I'm still not convinced I want to try it, but I just might. Topamax is helpful for headaches and tremor, but the side effects are pretty intense...suicidal ideations are a side effect and I finally got rid of those, I really don't want them triggered. He also suggested I take magnesium citrate, I take magnesium glycinate right now, but I don't find it helping with pain at all and will give the other one a try. He also suggested D3 which I take, B2 which will be new for me, and peppermint oil as a topical rub. Here's hoping I get some relief.


April 3, 2024 

The first shot is from when I went outside to start cleaning out the wood stove, and the third shot is just over half an hour later...such bizarre weather!

The selfie is showing Trigeminal Neuralgia pain.


I have yet to receive my prescription, and I still don't know if I want to take it, but I'm in a ton of pain today and am considering it. It's raining/snowing right now so the dampness and cold is just eating at me. It feels like it's just Trigeminal Neuralgia and not another headache though. Plus, the Fibromyalgia in my middle back and right hip ache, as does the arthritis in both hands and right knee. I still did my chores, but I slept late into the afternoon, I was so tired after this past week of waiting for this appointment. And I still have to go and shovel out the wood stove as it's pretty full of ash, but I'm tired and the pain is incredible, right from the base of my skull all the way around the left side of my head, especially my left ear, to my sinuses. It's almost 7pm though, and I need more room in the stove, and since it's raining/snowing right now, I can just put the hot ash in the grass and not have to worry about it too much. But boy am I tired and sore and really don't want to go do that.'s done, I hurt, and now my face is covered in soot ...time to just call it a day...

(8:40 p.m. EST)



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